Praise for The Wait 

"It reminds me of Earthbound." 

"Cool art Style!"

"This game made me cry and I loved it."


From the team that brought you Teddy Gainz and the Horrors of Insect Island comes The Wait, a visual novel on grief. 

Produced for the 12-day Death is only the beginning themed black and white game jam here on itch Black and White Jam #0.(9) - 

Our team is so delighted to be able to work together on another interactive project and share it with you here on We are also excited to be tackling more mature subject matter than we handled in Teddy Gainz. We hope you enjoy our game as much as we enjoyed making it! We would love your feedback! 

We ran into a little hang up with our production pipeline and were not able to finish the intro scene or the final scene in the timeline for the game jam. Please be aware that our game is without those sections in this iteration. Stay tuned for an update from us soon! 

With Gratitude, 

Team Gainz Abridged 

Content Warning:

This game is suitable for people 12-ish and older with adult guidance for heavy themes related to death and grief. No graphic violence or illustrations. Contains storylines featuring grief, death, dying, the afterlife, trauma. Honestly it's a cute but very sad story. Grab the tissues and que up the cat videos.


Twitter @GainzTeddy


The team who worked diligently on shipping a major update to Teddy Gainz is at it again with this black and white jam. Our small but mighty team of three met through the IGDA Foundations Online Exchange Velocity program in 2021, produced Teddy Gainz shipped an update to that game earlier in 2022 and now are so stoked to present our first visual novel! 


Team Gainz Abridged 

Amber Nicole Williams - Art Director 


~ Home (

Ricardo Aviles - Developer 


Ricardo A -

Kenna M. Lindsay - Writer Producer


Visual Assets 

Super Cute Expression Bubbles 

Cynthia J Sulit @mcjsulit 

Arch + Form (

Modern Interiors RPG tileset by 

LimeZu @lime_px


Press Start

Copyright © 2011, Cody "CodeMan38" Boisclair (, with Reserved Font Name "Press Start"

Wingdings Version 1 copyright © Microsoft 

Special Thanks 

1up Indie

Amy Issac 

Circus Center

Computer Science House


George and Sara Lindsay 

IGDA Foundation 


Manos projects


Sela Davis 

Game Controls 

W - up

A - left

S - down

D - right

Arrow keys

Enter - action 

E - Wallet/Exit Wallet


Development log

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