Praise for Teddy Gainz

"Loved the story and the characters!" 

"Beautiful artwork and charming storyline." 


Our protagonist is TEDDY GAINZ-- a brown feather chicken with swole human arms, who's terrified of bugs! They had to swim to the island of insects after finding out their mom had been kidnapped for what the bugs call their “Reaper Festival”, but it truly is a festival of absolute horrors for our bug-terrified Teddy. Only YOU can help Teddy overcome their fears, save their mom, save the world, and maybe even make a friend! 

In this updated version you'll discover smoother controls, new mechanics and more character development in a new level and boss fight. We hope you aren't afraid of clowns or spiders!


Twitter @GainzTeddy


The 11 person Teddy Gainz production team met online in 2021 through the IGDA Foundation’s Velocity program. Inspired by the majesty of chickens with swole arms, they banded together over 80 days and across 6 time zones to create Teddy Gainz and the Horror of Insect Island, the first game from the Teddy Gainz Productions Team. Our team had a blast learning how to make a game together and participating in our first game jam here on We hope you enjoy playing our game as much, if not more than we enjoyed getting to know each other and building it! Thank you! 

<3 The TG Team 

Letter From the Update Team

Over the last seven months, we have had the pleasure of getting to know Teddy, Thicc, the inhabitants of The Sunnyside Ilses, and each other even better. We endeavored to bring to life the whole original story our team conceived for the game jam  with playability that would make it fun and accessible for more players to enjoy. We corrected so many typos, made so many new assets, fixed so many bugs (big and small) and laughed so much while making this game. We hope even more people can share in that joy and this story of friendship. 

Our team had so much fun we have already selected another jam to participate in please follow us on, Twitter, and Youtube to see what we make next! 

<3 The TG Team 

Update Credits 

Amber Nicole Williams - Game Artist - @Ambrowskii - -LinkedIn -

Ricardo Aviles - Game Designer / Developer / Sound Designer - @ricky_games20  - - LinkedIn

Kenna Lindsay - Executive Producer - @kenna_lindsay - LinkedIn - 

Original Credits 

Amber Nicole Williams - Game Artist - @Ambrowskii - -LinkedIn -

Anfer Molina - Game Designer / Developer - @anferm 

Cindy Fan - Art Director / Game Artist - @CindFan - -

Cynthia Sulit - Producer / Artist - Twitter @mcjsulit  - Arch + Form ( 

Dawn Hammond-Quaye - Game Designer / Developer - @TheArtemis_Moon - LinkedIn -

Jon Perez - Production Consultant - @darthgreebo

Kenna Lindsay - Executive Producer - @kenna_lindsay - LinkedIn - 

Leyla Mamedova - QA - @leylses - LinkedIn - 

Morgan Anderson - Game Artist / Character Artist - -

Ricardo Aviles - Game Designer / Developer / Sound Designer - @ricky_games20  - - LinkedIn

Rika Watanabe -  Narrative Designer / Game Writer - @riki_0ntherocks - - LinkedIn

Special Thanks 

 (People who supported, listened to, encouraged, and loved us while we did this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! <3 <3 <3) 

1up Indie

Ahmed Hamad

Amy Isaac

Amy Moore

Annie VanderMeer

Callum Moscovitch

Carol Lee

Christopher Lockfort

Circus Center

Circus Freaks 

Colin Johnson

Computer Science House at RIT

Corinne Scrivens

Dallas Lillie

Danica Pok


George and Sara Lindsay

Haight Ashbury Merchants Association


IGDA Foundation

Jess Dees 

Katie Whitcraft


Manos Project


Mohamed Chamas

Ojo Stephen

Renee Blair

Runway Innovation Hub

Russell Harmon

Sara Toby Moore

Sean Spaulding

Sela Davis

Sofia Romualdo

Stephanie Power

Susan Lakin

The Booksmith

The Clown Conservatory at Circus Center

Carlo Pereyra

Nik Pantis

Oscar Barajas

Prisca Edwards

.... and many unnamed friends and play testers!!!

In Game Controls

W - Move Up, Special 

A - Move Left

S - Move Down 

D - Move Right 

Enter - Select, Special   

Content warning 

E for everyone 

Story contains the following elements: 

cartoon abduction, references to parasites, realistic illustrations of insects, cartoon violence.

Note: If playing in browser, use the's built-in fullscreen toggle (bottom right corner) to enter fullscreen. The in-game setting will not work. 


Download 121 MB

Install instructions

For the Zip File:

1 - Download the file.

2 - Extract the zip.

3 - Play the game/ Run the exe. 

4 - Get up and dance! 

Currently available for PC, coming soon for MacOS! (5/22/2022)

Want to see our game but don't have a way to play?

Watch the playthrough on youtube!   

Development log


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A bit challenging to land on some platforms, but overall very smooth gameplay!