Announcing Teddy Gainz and the Island of Insect Horrors Version 2

Over the last seven months, we have had the pleasure of getting to know Teddy, Thicc, the inhabitants of The Sunnyside Ilses, and each other even better. We endeavored to bring to life the whole original story our team conceived for the original game jam  with playability that would make it fun and accessible for more players to enjoy. We corrected so many typos, made so many new assets, fixed so many bugs (big and small) and laughed so much while making this game. We hope even more people can share in that joy and this story of friendship. 

In this updated version you'll discover smoother controls, new mechanics and more character development in a new level and boss fight. We hope you aren't afraid of clowns or spiders!

We are currently working to make Teddy Gainz playable on MacOS. 

Our team had so much fun we have already selected another jam to participate in please follow us on, Twitter, and Youtube to see what we make next! 

<3 The TG Team


May 23, 2022

Get V2 - Teddy Gainz and the Island of Insect Horrors

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